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Michael Sherman’s blog is a look into Michael’s New York and Connecticut studio and into the pages of his many sketchbooks.

Sketchbook excerpt – Rome is the city that taught me how to live in cities. This is an ink drawing of ‘elephant and obelisk’ a sculpture in a small piazza adjacent to the Pantheon in Rome.   I visited this little elephant almost every day while living there.

link to Elephant and Obelisk

link to Pantheon

Sketchbook excerpt – When I teach painting it is usually water-based media (ie: watercolor or ink) and I always emphasize good materials and there is no better book to work in than the hand made one above.

Link to Small Editions Studio

Link to Pat Gavin

Being a visual artist is the opportunity to get into all sorts of projects with many interesting people. Here is a perfect example: I painted the van above, 15+ years ago while living in the midwest, with just a few cans of spray paint over several ‘sessions’ we had a hotrod of sorts. When the van was sold for parts, after an accident, the hood was undamaged and the owner saved it as a keepsake.

Link to Hotrods

I love small museums and small exhibtions at galleries, they are the right size to memorize the visual nuance of the objects and understand and read what the shows are about.

I stopped by The Florence Griswold Museum a few months ago where they opened up several 100 year old Metcalf and Wiggins sketchbooks from their archive.  The books and bindings were showing their age but the paper and graphite were still going strong. Inspiration.

Link to Florence Griswold Museum

Sketchbook excerpt- A core perspective on how I see the the landscape is based on the correlation between our memory and our vision.  Most of us can only take-in and commit to memory small amounts of visual information, and when we are faced with depicting the visual innundation of an urban setting I think repeating parts is more true to how we ‘experience’ the place.  Most of the work on this site is made from sketches similar to the image above -a photo-collage or more recently digital-collages roughly 6″ x 6″-  made to look like a believable space thru repeating elements of the same landscape.

Check out Stephen Wiltshire to see someone who doesn’t have these same limits.

link to Stephen Wiltshire


Working large scale as a painter is challenging, there are limits to our reach, to our visual field and our ability to work at height. All three of these were factors I had to design around in making the mortar drawing above.

The diagram to the left solved, in part, all three. I used it to map out the areas to fill and not to fill.  I was able to work in 6 foot sections which is my arm reach in a boom.  and I didn’t have to be constantly going up and down to see the work which was safer and quicker.

Link to more Mural Images.

Its been a long- cold- rough winter. Which is a good for studies.

I have dozens of New York City tree pit studies I have been drawing over the last three years,  above are a few.  I find they are a beautiful combination of the harshness of both nature and the urban environment.

I started these paintings months ago.  I have been looking at aerial photography of the US and Japanese scrolls. I’m combing the two to make a long scroll ink and watercolor painting of the US, mapping the east coast to the west coast along the lattitudinal line 37. If you are interested in knowing why- email me at

pressure wash drawing, Michael Sherman

‘Grey Grid, pressure wash drawing’, 50′ x 50′ 125th St and Park Avenue. comissioned by NHEMA- Michael Sherman

Above is a pressure-washer drawing completed in 2013.

This was an interesting project. There were alot of things we couldn’t do- no paint, do not change the structure (it is a historic register structure), and no access to electricity…. soo, why not make a drawing with dirt.  It is across from the Metro North train station so the idea was to make it look  like a church/train station floor using a pressure washer and detergent. Commissioned by NHEMA(-congratulations on the grant) and ddm @ 125th St. and Park, NYC,

Sketch of the floor to be.                                                                       Day 1 and 2 of power-wash drawing @ 125th St. and Park NYC.

Inspiration for the new public art power-wash drawing@ 125th St. and Park NYC.

Inspiration for the new public art power-wash drawing@ 125th St. and Park NYC.

‘Aerial View’, watercolor on paper


‘Vertical Suburbs’, Ink on Paper

A Brooklyn Museum Show years ago. ‘Vertical suburbs’

London Studi0- below with tools of the trade.

My way of working has evolved over the  years, from the bulky oil paint on glass palette to the minimal watercolor palette below.

Framed up. New piece for a museum show in Louisiana.

Just open a show in Art Access Gallery -Columbus, Ohio. I have been painting a whole range of landscapes, buildings and objects and as you can see I included alot- 50+ pieces.


Living it up and working it out- my new barn studio in CT, thank you N and J.

Bubble cars- in various stages of completion for 2 person exhibition @ Mitart Gallery Basel 2013